[Short Story] The Game

[Writing Prompt] You made a wish upon a star

Author’s Note: Story’s a bit weak, but I had to make something. Enjoy?

The shooting stars draw lines across the sky. Make a wish, it just might come true. Make a wish, that’s all I’m good for. Empty wishes that don’t change reality. I have many wishes but the main one I have is a simple one, I want to control my destiny. Every minute detail, write the story as I progress. Become a hero, become a leader. I want it all.

The last of them flit across the sky and I laugh. I wish I could alter reality, alter this miserable existence. I laugh and head back inside. Work was in the morning and I didn’t want to be late again. Kyle was pissed at me enough as it is.

Sleep came slow but when it did, it was peaceful for once. No nightmares.

I woke up to find a blue screen in front of my face. Welcome to the Game. I rub my eyes. This isn’t happening. Blue screen still there. Welcome to the Game. Would you like a Tutorial? I gulp. I hit yes.

Welcome to the Game. Your body and mind have become augmented. Each action and skill you take will be tracked by a level counter. Would you like an overview?

I hit yes again.

Skill Tree

Data Entry Level 5. The ability to enter data correctly and efficiently. 50% increase in typing speed. 5% increase in daydreaming. Passive.

Daydreaming Level 100 (Maxed). The ability to think of better things to do. 100% increase in creativity. 200% decrease in productivity. Active.

Dancing Level 3. The ability… are you serious? 3% increase in Charisma. Active.

Excuse-Making Level 100. The ability to come up with believable reasons to lessen the consequences of shitty behavior. 100% increase in bullshitting. 100% increase in storytelling. 10% increase in Charisma. Passive.

Storytelling Level 20. Locked. The ability to weave narrative in speech. You gave up on this ability.

Social Ineptitude Level 100. The ability to fuck up any social thing with a level of incompetence reserved to the fringe of society. 100% decrease in social ability. -20 Charisma modifier. Passive.

Hey, it’s got a sense of humor. Heh.

By making an observation, your intelligence has increased by one. What?

Stat screen

Intelligence, 15. Wisdom, 20. Charisma, 15 x 1.13-20 = -3.05. Vitality, 3. Strength, 4. Dexterity, 2.

Jesus, that charisma. But it does make sense I suppose. That conversation with Helen went far beyond wrong and landed me a demotion for ‘sexual harassment.’ I breathe out slowly. I wonder, is it possible to decrease a level in something?

By thinking of ways to improve yourself, your wisdom has increased by one. Alright then?

As you progress through this game, you will be presented with opportunities. Both good and bad. You cannot alter reality but rather, you can alter how you perceive reality. You’ve been given the gift of truth. You will be given two free skills to get you started on your journey. The Truth and Quick Study.

The Truth. Level Max. You can no longer be deceived. You can gaze upon any object and learn of its origins. Passive.

Quick Study. Level Max. You are able to discern which information is most needed to form a level one skill. 1000% increase in learning the first ten levels of a skill. Passive

Not sure how to react. But this provides me with an interesting opportunity….


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