Day 21, Pure Garbage

Author Note: I know this is pure garbage but I had to produce something for today and this was it. Bleh.

[Writing Prompt] It started as a whisper

Ever heard of the concept of the chosen one? How one will rise to save humanity from suffering and save them from a tyrant? Well a year ago everyone could hear a prophecy being recited in Latin. Some heard it as whispers. Some heard it as a one-sided conversation. It was chanted endlessly for a couple weeks until linguists were able to decipher the first line.

When the last human soul reaches the altar, humanity will be set free. Ever have the sinking feeling in your stomach where everything seems okay but actually isn’t? That’s how I felt when the first line was translated. Once the first line was translated, the chanting grew in loudness.

When the eternal human soul reaches the end of its journey, it shall awaken. When the second line was translated, the religious groups of the world were saying the end times were upon us. Hell, there was even a cult that was beginning to form around the chants. Each line translated meant a small window of respite. A week of silence. But it would start louder still.

The last human soul must awaken. This talk of awakening freaked me out. Who was the sick fuck who pulled this off? I’m sure this is some planetary prank by some asshole…

To awake they must die. Oh no… This is some ritual sacrifice bullshit. I turn on the television. Mass riots in the streets. Soon the translations came about in a faster pace. Soon my mind was able to understand the latin. I could hear it in English.

They are the first born and the last. An only child?

They are born under the moment day and night do not exist. Dawn or the twilight. Okay?

They are the one who views themselves as a pawn in other people’s chessboards. Is it talking about…?

It is the one who understands.Oh no. It is.

The one who recognizes the ultimate failing of humanity and its need of cultural evolution. It’s talking about James.

It’s the person who lives in Los Angeles. Okay, not James. It could fit Jennifer.

It’s the person who resides more in the water than their home. Wait, no. Jeff. Definitely Jeff.

Close your eyes my child, for it is you. Soon they will flock to you and you shall awaken. Shit.

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