[Short Story] Familiarity

[Writing Prompt] You’ve never been here before, yet this room is familiar.

Journal Entry 450

The room seemed familiar. But I’m sure I’ve never been here before. The floorboards creaked  every time I took a single step. There’s a black bed and mahogany walls. A desk with cuts and grooves along the edges. It seemed so familiar, but I’ve never been here before.

Journal Entry 476

A kind, young man came up to me, guided me along this new house. I’m glad someone read the ad asking for a new roommate. His hands were firm, I placed mine in his and he only holds me tighter as we walked along the hallway.

Journal Entry 477

He placed a bowl in front of me. It’s my favorite, chinese soup! I drank from it, oh it was the best soup I’ve ever drunk. He smiled bashfully. I told him he could become a chef. He shook his head, looking into the meadow. Almost as if there’s something he’s looking for. Something he hasn’t found. I asked him. He frowned and told me it’s none of my business. Rude.

Journal Entry 479

I was in the living room, watching the birds fly by. It’s quiet in that place. Too quiet. Birds should chirp, but they didn’t make a single sound. Maybe if I get a roommate, it’ll become more lively here.

Journal Entry 487

Someone bought me a stereo. The selections are a bit old for my tastes but it’s better than the birds not chirping.

Journal Entry 488

A police officer told me that I was playing music too loud. Playing it at room level is too loud?

Journal Entry 489

A mean, young person took the stereo away. Kids these days…

Journal Entry 500

I like this house, it suits my needs. It’s quiet, solitary, and away from the hectic work life I’ve led. Maybe my daughter will come visit one day. She graduated last year. Got a job working in San Francisco

Journal Entry 501

The kind, young man twitches every time I ask him where Katie is. I told him that Katie was the pride and joy of my life. But now she’s gone and hasn’t visited in twenty years. I miss her.

Journal Entry 509

The kind, young man told me a story. It was beautiful but also sad. There once was a little girl who loved her father dearly. She wanted her father to be proud of her, but he was always busy. He would only ever interact with her if she did something wrong. So one day, she decided to run away from home. He searched far and wide for her. Two days later he had found her, shivering and afraid. He had told her that he was always proud of her. Her one shining light in a sea of work. He would soon become consumed by the work once more and they would drift apart once again.

Journal Entry 518

The kind, young man told me he wasn’t born a man. I asked him how that was possible. He said his father had wanted a son more than a daughter, so the young man obliged. The transition was slow and arduous, but the young man came out on top. How fascinating, has technology advanced far enough that people can change their gender?

Journal Entry 519

This room seems familiar, but I’m sure I’ve never been here before.


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