Day 14, Punchclock Hero

[Writing Prompt] A superhero using their powers in mundane ways.

“Rachel can you do the dishes?” My partner kisses me on the neck, hugging me from behind. His hands warm from his pyrokinesis.  

“It’s Liam’s turn to do it today.” I tickle him telekinetically. “Besides, after him, it’s you.”

“But I don’t feeeeeel like it…..” He whines into my ear before taking a gentle bite into it. He breathes hot warm air.

“You’re impossible.” I laugh as I smack his ass with my mind. Look mom, no hands! “Come sit on the couch with me.” Before he can say anything, I lift him up and plop him down next to me.

“Well, if you insist.” He grabs my hand with his left hand and he hovers his right hand over it. It feels like the afternoon sun in the middle of July.

“Cool it on the heat. I’m tired.” I lift my legs and drop them in his hands. “Or you can direct them on there.”

“Yes, your majesty.” He places his thumb on my ankle and begins to rub them. Oh god yes. That feels amazing. He kneads my soles and the mixture of heat and pressure…

“What time is your next shift?” I push my right foot onto his chest. “And you should worship me more. I am your queen.”

“In a hour.” He kisses my right ankle. “I already am.”

“Boooooo! Liam can cover for you, Kyle! I want you all to myself.” I look around for the remote. Can’t find it. Oh well. The channel switches to saturday morning cartoon. God I love this ability. Kyle absentmindedly runs his fingers along my leg.

My phone vibrates on the table. Sighing, I summon it. Liam sent an X. Oh god, not again. I toss my phone onto the kitchen floor and hover it so it doesn’t crack as it lands. Kyle covers my eyes and I shove a pillow into his face.  A flash of light happens in the kitchen and Liam walks out of it. That fucker, doesn’t he know I hate it when he teleports in here! I ought to give him a piece of my mind!

He looks scared. Oh god no…. please don’t say it. Whatever it is don’t say it. “I’m so sorry to do this to you on your day off Rachel, but there’s a kid about to jump off a building. The other telekinetics are busy with a robot causing mayhem in New York. The fliers are off the grid for some reason. Please, you have to help.” He said it. He knows I can’t deal with suicidal people.

“Can’t you just teleport him off the building?”

“He’s wearing anti-teleport clothing.” Liam shook his head.

“Goddammit.” I can’t have this on my conscience. Not after Lisa broke and laughed as she lit herself on fire. “Take me there.”

“Hang on. Take me with you.” Kyle piped in. You beautiful redhead, you. “I know how to deal with that kind of stuff.” Kyle nods. You owe me for this you shitty blond.

Liam hands us sunglasses. He places his hands on Kyle’s and my shoulder. Just as I’m about to put on the protective eyewear, flash of light. AHHH! MY EYES. I’M GOING TO KICK THAT BASTARD OFF THE BUILDING!

As I fumble around in the dark, I feel a gentle breeze. As I slowly regain my sight, the sky, it’s beautiful. The different hues of orange and blue.

“Hey there.” Kyle sits down next to the kid. I prepare to yank him away from there but Kyle tightens his fist behind his back. Why? Why is he telling me to hold on? Isn’t the objective to save the kid?

“Hi…” Short kid. Half the size of Kyle, so that makes him around three feet tall. Brown hair, like mine. Face wet and half dried snot on his clothing. I take Kyle’s word for it and stand by.

“What’s your name little buddy?” Kyle smiles. Behind his back he puts up a number two sign. He wants Liam to get ice cream? I text Liam to get some ice cream. Liam nods, walks to the roof’s door, walks in, flash of light.

“Sam…” The boy shifts around a little bit.

“My name is-”

“Piyiro. You’re my favorite superhero.” The boy’s face lights up for a second before he flinches and looks down again.

“Awwww, thanks buddy.” Kyle scratches the back of his head while grinning like a madman. That dork. “So, I see you like the view. I come up here sometimes to take in the scenery too.”

“Uh huh…” The shame on this kid… What caused it? Wait. Is Kyle trying to bond with the kid? Why? If the kid jumps, that’s just going to ruin his mood further. Flash of light behind the roof door.

“Want some ice cream?” Liam opens the door and brings some over. This guy got all the flavors. Pecan, peanut butter, vanilla, chocolate. Even some experimental stuff that should even be out yet. I’m not paying for all that.

“Thanks…” The kid takes the strawberry one. Good taste kid. Good taste.

“So why are you up here Sam?” Kyle asks as he takes the pecan flavored ice cream. Bleh. Why do you like that Kyle?

“Nobody likes me… “ The kids starts sobbing. I’m impressed his body can still produce the fluids required to cry.

“Why? You seem like a good kid to me.” Kyle ruffles the kid’s hair.

“No I’m not…” The kid tries to get Kyle’s hand off his head.

“Why not?” Kyle leans in, oh god he’s getting attached. Why are you doing this Kyle? Last time you did that, you were in bed unable to move for a month. I don’t want you to hurt like that again! I start to move in, but Liam grabs my shoulder and shakes his head.

“Because I hurt people…” Oh no. Oh no. Oh no no no no no. Kyle don’t. Kyle, just forget about this kid. Please.

“Did you mean to hurt them?” Kyle loses his smile.

“No…” Sam said.

“Then you’re not a bad person Sam.” Kyle lets out a small sigh of relief.

“But I am! I lost control of my ice powers! I hurt Cindy…” Don’t tell me…

“Hey kid, let me show you something.” Kyle turns to me and Liam. “Liam, show the kid your stomach. Rachel, show him your back.” Liam rolls up his shirt. Burn marks. I turn around and show the kid my burn marks.

“What?” Sam panics a little.

“I was a kid once too, just like you. Burnt my brother when my power manifested. Burnt Liam and my partner Rachel over there when i tried to get it under control. My brother can’t walk without limping now.” Kyle no… “I dealt with a lot of guilt, but they stuck by me. They forgave me. You said I’m your favorite hero. Am I still?” Kyle wraps his arm around Sam’s shoulder.

“Yeah! You help so many people!” Sam yells out.

“Then promise me you’ll apologize to the people you’ve hurt one more time and work towards getting your powers under control.” Kyle you clever bastard. You pulled it off. How?

“Can… can you help me?” Sam hides his mouth underneath his red T-shirt.

“Of course kid. You have the makings of a great hero in you!” Kyle laughs as he steps off the ledge. “Just promise me you won’t give up.”

Sam nods and steps down.


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