Day 10, A Short Story

[Writing Prompt] You find a bottle of pills that reset the day.

The morning grind, others see it as this boring thing, but not I. Exercise, eat, study, prepare for work. These actions give me purpose. Gives me something to do with my time. The lack of purpose drags nails on the chalkboard of my mind. So I make sure each waking moment has a purpose.

It has been ever since my roommate gave me these pills. Thirty in total. “Thirty days,” he said. “Take these pills to find your purpose in thirty days.”

In hindsight I should’ve told the guy to fuck off. But he’s a doctor, he knows what he’s doing, right? Well like Alice, I went down a rabbit hole. It was beautiful, it was brilliant.


“John wake up.” My roommate shook me.

“Ughhhhhh.” I groaned into my pillow. “Five more minutes.”

He pulled off the covers. Hello cold morning breeze. “You said that a hour ago. Wake up, you have to be at work in a half-hour.”

Eyes closed, hands fumbling, no cover. Shit.

“They’re in my hands.” Dammit. I opened my eyes, sighing in defeat.

“Fine. I’ll get up.” Asshole. I sighed. Not my day. It never is, the words seeped into my mind. Why did I even bother. It’s not like anyone cared.

“Good. Get dressed. Sitting around like this isn’t good for your health.” He tossed me a clean black shirt and beige dress pants. Took me five minutes of Ryan watching me like a hawk to get dressed. “You ready?”

“Yeah…” I rubbed my eyes a good ten times. On my attempt to walk out, I hit the wall. He snorted.

“Tell you what, I have some nice supplements that’ll give you an extra push.” He handed me a bottle of clear white pills.

“I’m not self-medicating Ryan.” I shook my head.

“I’ll write you a damn prescription if it makes you happy.” He pulled out a medical card and filled it out. “There. Now take the damn supplements. You need the energy.”

I stared at him. I stared at the pills. Unscrewing them, grabbing one, and swallowing it. The moment I feel it hit my stomach a flash of light hits my eyes. I’m back in bed.

“John wake up.” My roommate shook me.

“What the…” I looked around in bewilderment. “You… What?”

“You okay buddy?” Ryan touches my forehead with the back of his hand.

“You gave me a pill… Said it was for energy. Was I dreaming?” I frowned.

“Oh. So I got around to giving it to you then. Welcome to the Regen Cycle Program. You are our first successful attempt.”


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