Day 9, Direction

Today I’m going to talk about direction. Right now, I’m in the beginning of my upward ascend. I’m learning journalism. I’m learning to exercise. I’m learning to plan. I’m learning to take action. These blogs posts are on the low end of quality. It’s a fact. It’s intentional. I’m too obsessed with quality. I’m a perfectionist. So I’m intentionally just posting every weekday. Quality comes after production, not before it. I’m growing stronger. I’m growing into myself. It’s not a cheap confidence boost. It’s not an angry self-deconstruction.

So I’ve taken the first step. That one is the hard part. Now to take the remaining steps towards my dreams. I’m going to mine my mind of all the good ideas within it. I will purify them. I will temper them. I will be the person people know they can be deep down. First, I inspire myself to work towards the ambitions I want. Lead by example.

The word hard enters my head as I say that. That word has always held me back. But not anymore. I’m going to change that. It’ll take me a long ass time to fully reroute the patterns of thoughts, but I will do it. I will become the great person I know I can become.

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