Day One

I sit here and try to come up with words to describe my thoughts, feelings, and desires. I stand the edge of change and complacency. I know I can become great. I know I can become worthless. I experience those two feelings everyday, one more powerful than the other depending on the circumstances. I have a depressive personality. Or maybe it’s just depression in general. I am not diagnosed, but the recurring feelings I have reaffirm what I already know. Some days are of extreme clarity and stability, those are the days I wish to hold onto forever. To no longer have to doubt myself. To no longer crumble like a sandcastle every time I make a mistake or every time someone gives criticism from a place of warmth. I am a storyteller. That is what I call myself because each day I have stories running through my head waiting to come alive. Today is May 17, 2016. This is my moment of clarity. My pseudonym is Zayne Elias and this marks the day I turn the desire to write into an actual tangible, repeatable action. I don’t know where my life will take me, but I do have an idea.

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